Do you have a product idea?
We are here to make it a reality!
Don't know where to start to develop it? We are here for you. We can assess the feasibility of your product and guide you in its development. We can also refer you to our partners for a case follow-up.
Business developement
Step 1
Get the idea
Find an innovative idea that meets a need
Step 2
Validate the idea
Validate the idea with potential customers
Step 3
Minimum viable product
Develop the MVP to demonstrate the proof of concept
Step 4
Seek funding
Step 5
Develop the product
Develop the final product to bring it to market
We can guide you during the development of your product (Steps 3 and 5). To do this, we will offer you personalized consultations that meet your needs in terms of budget and time.
For the gray steps listed above, do not hesitate to go see the key ressource in the region
Product developement
Step 1
Overview of the idea
Discuss the features you are looking for in your product
Step 2
Feasibility analysis
Our team will analyze the feasibility of your product and identify its important aspects.
Step 3
Feedback and decision making
The Le Prolab team will counsel you to help you make the best decisions for your product
Step 4
Prototype design
We will design and manufacture your prototype.
Step 5
Test the prototype
You can now use your prototype and see how it performs.
The development of a product can consist of several iterations. We may go through these steps more than once.
Main causes of a high iteration count

Desired characteristics weren't mentionned at the outset.

The desired characteristics are incompatible.

Our recommendations weren't followed.

What characteristics were desired kept changing.

The starting idea wasn't clear.

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