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Modeling and drawing

We can offer you training on 3D modeling in several existing software (Solidworks, Inventor, Fusion 360)

Following modeling, it is important to produce drawings that meet industry standards

3D printing
LPrinting changes very quickly, but it is still essential to understand the basic concepts. Additive manufacturing has certain limitations and it is important to know them at the design stage to optimize our model.
Which printer meets my needs?
Which filaments should I use for my project?
In which orientation to print the part?
What are all these print settings for?
How do I calibrate my printer?
Laser cutting
The laser cutter is a tool that is becoming more and more accessible. It helps you to carry out several projects. It's not always easy to understand all aspects of it.
How much laser power do I need?
What materials are safe?
How do I focus my laser?
What are all these burning parameters for?
How do I calibrate my device?
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